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Parkend Primary School

The small school with BIG ideas!

Visions and Values

Our Vision and Values 

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Our Value for Summer 1 is: Perseverance 

Our Vision

Thank you to all the parents who gave their feedback to the school on the Vision and Values.

Thank you to the School Council who contributed their ideas!



The PACE of Parkend ... the Small School with Big ideas!


P - Pride in ourselves

A – Achieve the best we can

C – Curious thinkers

E – Everyone together!




Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2















Parkend Primary School believes that values-based education is crucial in promoting children’s social, moral, spiritual, emotional and academic welfare. A value is a principle that guides our thinking and behaviour.

Children explore values such as friendship, happiness, courage, respect, forgiveness and peace, these help to shape the decisions they make in their behaviour, relationships with others, and the way in which they approach learning.

Each half term we focus on one school value. We look at values in detail so that we all have the words to describe them to each other and know how to spot them in ourselves and in others.

Values help us to build the vision and ethos of the school so that our children become reflective and caring. We have an atmosphere that is calm, purposeful and happy.

Values are not just something that helps you to learn when you are younger; it is a set of tools that you will carry with you all your life. Understanding values will help you to make difficult decisions throughout your life.

We hope that parents will also focus on these values at home so we can work together to ensure your child really does get every chance to flourish! 

Mission Statement:


To provide a stimulating, caring and enjoyable learning environment where all members of the school community grow socially, achieve academically and develop into confident, independent individuals within a supportive family atmosphere.



Pride in ourselves

Pride in ourselves  1
Pride in ourselves  2

Achieve the best we can

Achieve the best we can  1
Achieve the best we can  2
Achieve the best we can  3
Achieve the best we can  4
Achieve the best we can  5
Achieve the best we can  6
Achieve the best we can  7
Achieve the best we can  8
Achieve the best we can  9
Achieve the best we can  10
Achieve the best we can  11
Achieve the best we can  12
Achieve the best we can  13

Curious thinkers

Curious thinkers  1
Curious thinkers  2
Curious thinkers  3
Curious thinkers  4
Curious thinkers  5
Curious thinkers  6
Curious thinkers  7
Curious thinkers  8
Curious thinkers  9

Everyone together

Everyone together 1
Everyone together 2
Everyone together 3
Everyone together 4
Everyone together 5
Everyone together 6
Everyone together 7
Everyone together 8