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Parkend Primary School

The small school with BIG ideas!

Uniform Information

Parkend Primary School has adopted a preferred school uniform and all pupils are encouraged to wear this where possible. We believe a uniform looks smart and adds to a child’s sense of identity and belonging to the school. (See policy for further details).


SCHOOL UNIFORM consists of…


  • Sweatshirt: Green, printed with school logo
  • Cardigan: Green, with school logo
  • Polo shirt: Gold with school logo
  • Skirt: Grey/Black
  • Trousers: Grey/Black
  • Shoes: Black
  • Summer dress: Green//white/Yellow
  • Shorts: Black/green


The School has two uniform suppliers – School Trends and Tesco, and can be ordered online via the links below. If you do not have internet access or unable to order online, an order form can be obtained from the school office. School Trend orders are delivered free of charge to the school once a month but for a small fee you can have it delivered to your home.


For sizing samples please ask in the School Office.


Please don’t forget to name your child’s uniform!


SCHOOL PE KIT consists of…


  • Jogging Bottoms: green or black
  • Shorts: appropriate shorts can also be worn
  • T-shirt/polo shirt: yellow, or house colour
  • Shoes: daps or trainers are needed for outdoor PE but indoor PE is conducted in daps or bare feet where required.




All Reception pupils are supplied with a School Book Bag which is paid for by The Friends of Parkend School see below:


Replacement book bags can be ordered from School Trends we do keep a small stock in school.


Price:     £6.40