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Parkend Primary School

The small school with BIG ideas!

Uniform Information

Parkend Primary School has adopted a preferred school uniform and all pupils are encouraged to wear this where possible. We believe a uniform looks smart and adds to a child’s sense of identity and belonging to the school. (See policy for further details).


SCHOOL UNIFORM consists of…


  • Sweatshirt: Green, printed with school logo
  • Cardigan: Green, with school logo
  • Polo shirt: Yellow with school logo
  • Skirt: Grey/Black
  • Trousers: Grey/Black
  • Shoes: Black
  • Summer dress: Green/White/Yellow
  • Shorts: Black/Green


The School has two uniform suppliers – My Clothing and School Trends, and can be ordered online via the links below.


Please don’t forget to name your child’s uniform!


SCHOOL PE KIT consists of…


  • Jogging Bottoms: Green or Black
  • Shorts: Green or Black
  • T-shirt/polo shirt: House Colour (Yellow, Green or Red)
  • Shoes: Trainers are needed for outdoor PE, but indoor PE is conducted in daps or bare feet (where required)




All Reception pupils are supplied with a School Book Bag which is paid for by Parkend School see below:


Replacement book bags can be ordered from School Trends we do keep a small stock in school.


Price:     £6.60