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Parkend Primary School

The small school with BIG ideas!

Late/Absence Procedures

Attendance, Absence & Emergencies

YOU ARE ASKED to notify school without delay if your child is absent for any reason. Please try to inform the school by 9.30 am. Most children are ill at some time or have to attend medical appointments; such absences are regarded as authorised.


The following reasons for absence are regarded as authorised:


  • Sickness
  • Medical/dental appointment
  • Day of religious observance
  • Family bereavement


Parents planning to take children out of school during term time for holidays should be aware that the governors have decided on a policy of recording these as unauthorised absences.


Class registers are taken at the beginning of the morning and the afternoon sessions and record both authorised and unauthorised  absences. Persistent unauthorised absence will be investigated by the school and passed onto the Local Authority, where appropriate.


Children who are late into school or who have to leave during the school day will need to be signed in and out using the school's electronic device located in the entrance.


If a child has to return home unexpectedly during the school day then staff will contact the child’s parents to make arrangements. Therefore it is important that all parents provide up to date contact details as well as the name and contact details of a further person who would be willing to act in an emergency. If a child displays any symptoms of COVID-19 they will be removed from class and isolated - parents will be informed immediately and asked to collect their child and arrange for a LFT or a PCR test.


In the event of bad weather or another emergency, the school will follow its emergency closure procedures and notify parents by either the website or DoJo. Information about closures will also be available on the school and County Council website and local radio.