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Parkend Primary School

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Computing and IT at Parkend Primary

Having spoken with our IT technicians and the head of Teach Computing (the computing curriculum we use at Parkend Primary School), they have recomended some additional resources and practical tips for parents to help with managing online safety at home. 


The main advice given from the head of our IT technicians was "I would encourage parents to ask the question (how to set parental controls) of their broadband provider. Most reputable ISPs will offer some form of parental control".


A number of parents who attended our recent ESafety training in school requested practical advice about how to keep your child safe online at home and how to set up devices so that children would be safer using them. Below are a list of useful websites, recommended by the Head of Teach Computing. 


E Safety Workshop with PCO Darren Peters

Year 1 and 2 Computing Lessons with Mrs Wright

We were learning the parts of a laptop and what some of the keys on the keyboard do.

Digital Art in Class 1 - Term 2 2021

We used the iPads and the interactive whiteboard to create digital art for November celebrations:

  • Bonfire Night - Individual firework pictures
  • Armistice Day - Group poppy fields

For E-Safety information please see the Children's section of the website.

Keeping Safe Online (Visit from Local Police Officer)